Artist Statement

 Growing up I didn't really fit, but I didn't necessarily didn't. I always was pretty shy and observant and at times physically couldn't talk, It wasn't until the 11th at the national school walkout I felt free. Free from the trauma of not happening to be stuck in this box metaphorically and literally. For me being nonbinary has almost always been apart of this search for freedom. This was around the time in 2018 I also found art, specifically poetry.

 No matter where you are in life you're constantly learning, you're constantly needing to address your biases. It's important to understand my story because although I came out of a deep constant struggle regarding my identity and beliefs. It's important to have those issues that we feel emotional about  displayed and humanized. Seeing people's true genuine emotional battles aren't shown enough. 

Before any label I am human. My identity doesn’t put me into this binary when creating art, I want to create art that speaks to the emotional and physical freedom of humans. To be able to challenge philosophy, biases, and to make someone feel comfortable and uncomfortable in their skin is what I am trying to achieve. Its that one question, sentence, word, or even sound that leaves the audience wondering, how can I be free? How can I grow?